Scalar Annotations

Scalar Notes A Scalar note allows you to add annotations to your text. Scalar notes can be composed of text or media, allowing you to comment on or illustrate ideas. Scalar notes can also be a good way to provide definitions or translations to foreign language terms or add citations.  Scalar notes are similar to media in that you can tie notes to specific pieces of text or place them precisely in a specific location on the page. To create a note that appears as a pop up, select a portion of the text and click the Scalar note button You can then either select another page or media item from the content list that appears, or select “Create page-on-the-fly.”  Scalar notes will be notated by post it icons and will appear as pop ups if they are linked to texts. Scalar Notes can also be images/audiovisual materials. Inline scalar notes will appear in boxes embedded on your page. These can be a great...
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